Tea House Productions

Tea House Productions has a proven record of delivering professional, high-quality work to all of our clients around the world, and Architecture Photography, both exterior and Interior Photography is part of what we do best. Everywhere we go, we are surrounded by stunning man-made structures and this makes architecture a very interesting and popular subject for many photographers. We produce excellent, artistic images regardless of the purpose, be it social media, commercial, editorial, our work is consistent.

Verko is a Serbian-born freelance photographer and a graduate of Fashion Institue of technology in New York with years of professional experience and an enviable portfolio. Verko has been running his own company by the name of Tea House Productions, based in Dubai, for the past 8 years. The company offers a variety of production services such as all types of photography, including the Interior Photography, videography, graphic design, art direction, styling, illustration, web services, and social media and marketing strategy.

Over the years, Verko has specialized in the hospitality industry including subjects such as food and beverage photography, Interior Photography, exteriors as well as lifestyle and corporate portraits. He has worked with both local and international clients such as real estate developers, architectural and interior design companies, hospitality agencies, hotels, and restaurants proving himself as a reliable professional. Verko’s clientele keeps growing and there is an obvious reason for that. His creativity, his professionalism, teamwork, and communication skills have made him a go-to person for everyone who needs top-quality photography work, and that included Architecture Photography In Dubai.

One of Verko’s areas of expertise is Architecture Photography, encompassing some stunning structures like hotels, restaurants, museums and private homes as well as skyscrapers, bridges, and monuments. Whether it is an old or modern architecture, by applying different techniques and principles, Verko is able to capture the beauty which lies in its intricate details.

With special attention to lighting, Verko provides a real, fresh and artistic perspective on everyday structures. He is a well-rounded photographer able to work independently every step of the way while adapting to any requirements a client may have in order to ensure that the end result is beyond expectations. His passion for Architecture Photography is evident in all his works, whether it is capturing the elegance of a private and public space, or experimenting with angles of a modern restaurant or a hotel.

Interior Architecture

In recent times, there has been a thin line between architecture and interior design which led to the evolution of a different subject that we refer to as interior architecture, and the same goes for the Interior Photography and an Architectural Photography. That means that two interior designers may do completely different work at the same time. How so? While one of them, an interior decorator, will be concerned with aesthetics only such as soft furnishings and colors, the other one will focus on the technical aspect of the building and must possess an in-depth knowledge of such elements.

The latter involves so much more than decor and requires the professional to consider a number of other factors such as plumbing, lighting, the use of space etc. The crucial part is sustainability and keeping the environment in mind, while the principal purpose of the subject is human occupancy.

As previously mentioned, Tea House Productions specializes in the hospitality industry which includes Interior Photography as well, among other subjects. Verko’s passion spans many subjects including this one which is one of the reasons he has managed to build up such a large network of clientele when it comes to Architectural Photography In Dubai.