Tea House Productions

Tea House Productions has become a household name when it comes to Dubai photography and beyond. The company has existed for 8 years now and its regional and international clientele continues to grow. It is our purpose to deliver to produce professional, artistic images for multiple purposes.

Tea House Productions offers a variety of production services such as different kinds of photography, graphic design, art direction, videography, styling, illustrating, social media and marketing strategy, as well as web services.

Verko, a Serbian-born freelance commercial, and editorial photographer founded this Dubai photography company 8 years ago focusing on the hospitality industry and specializing in food photography and beverage photography, interiors, exteriors as well as lifestyle and corporate portraits. The company has worked with countless high-end hospitality agencies, restaurants, five-star hotels and many other prestigious clients who have kept coming back.

Dubai photography is a competitive field but Tea House Productions has secured its position among the top professionals in Dubai. The company has a track record of providing excellent service and catering to clients all around the world while giving a fresh, unique, and artistic perspective on things.

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Tea House Productions has established itself as a company capable of meeting all the necessary requirements a client may have and adapting to the circumstances. Whatever the purpose may be, editorial, commercial, or social media, the consistent high-quality result is guaranteed.

Verko is extremely passionate about all types of photography ranging from food and beverage, architecture photography, interior, and exterior etc. It is his passion precisely, as well as his great communication skills and his team work, that makes him so good at what he does. He has managed to thrive in a competitive field and compete with the influx of new emerging talents from all parts of the world.

There is a reason why Verko is a top photographer in Dubai. His style is simplistic yet very approachable and artistic at the same time. He has an eye for capturing the intricate details of an object regardless of the subject of his photography. A well-rounded, capable photographer like Verko knows exactly what to do in order to achieve an impressive result which is evident from his long list of satisfied clients.

His work and his company have evolved together with the city over the past years, and Verko welcomes every change that comes his way. He continues to do an outstanding job while balancing his love for family and his passion for photography with an enviable list of clients.