Tea House Productions

Tea House Productions is known to consistently provide reliable and professional high quality work, and that is especially true when it comes to Food Photography. Our goal is to produce a professional and artistic Food Photography images, of any food product, for all the purposes including commercial, editorial and social media.

Verko is a freelance commercial and editorial professional photographer, with over 20 years of experience, specializing in the Hospitality Industry, with an impressive portfolio, which includes images of food & beverage, interiors and exteriors, lifestyle and corporate portraits, and an extensive client list filled with names of five star hotels, famous restaurants, high end hospitality agencies, and other companies both regional and international. Verko is originally from Serbia, graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and is now based in Dubai, UAE for the past 8 years, where he runs his own production company Tea House Productions, offering various production services like all types of photography, graphic design, art direction, videography, illustration, styling, social media and marketing strategy, and web services.

He is passionate about Food Photography, a still life commercial photography genre used to create an attractive still life images which speak to the viewer, and which are then used in advertising, cookbooks, menus, magazines and social media. For Verko, however, it is much more than that, seeing the beauty in food and the complexity of the food making process, he always had love for the food, for cooking and preparing, and eating the food, and it was only natural to follow his passion for Food Photography. His creativity and attention to detail when it comes to Food Photography, his ability to quickly understand and deliver on a brief, his obvious passion for his work, a simple approach, fast communication and creativity, knowledge and experience, the teamwork, have consistently drawn his clientele to him over the years and across the platforms, and have kept them coming back for more.

His approach to Food Photography is less is more, keep it simple. Verko shoots with natural light whenever possible, keeping the mantra that we eat with our eyes first, front and center. He lets the dishes speak for themselves, keeping them as natural as possible. And even though Food Photography is  a collaborative effort which possibly involves an art director, a photographer, a food and prop stylist, and of course the chef and his kitchen, realities on the location, client demands and budget levels sometimes suggest otherwise. A well rounded Food Photographer in Dubai needs to be ready and able to do, if not all, then certainly most of it, starting with the conception, the execution of all necessary steps of making the dish look as edible and as presentable as possible, working together with super talented and hard working  Chefs, choosing the appropriate equipment, props and surfaces, carefully selecting the right angles and elevations, knowing exactly what to expect from the post-production and what the end result should look like. His style is  relaxed, simplistic, approachable and not too serious. Depending on the dish, on what is needed and what the purpose of the shoot is, he is very comfortable switching from the dark and moody lighting and retro style, to bright, fresh and modern look and feel. Whatever the requirement, the dish is always in the most important, the focus of the viewer’s eye and appetite. With all the design elements contained in the dish, like shape, color and texture, with a proper lighting and composition, Food Photography end result is to make the viewer salivate and think they simply have to have that particular dish. It is not about the picture but about the feeling.

Food Photography Dubai

Food Photography in Dubai has drastically changed over the years, and has grown along with the city, and those many changes, along with an influx of the new competition, have made it hard to hold on to regular clients and make new ones. But he has managed to do just that, and more, balancing the love for his family, continuous passion for Food Photography, F&B photography and the Hospitality oriented photography in general, and the need to “pay the bills”, admirably and consistently, looking straight ahead towards new challenges.